InLingo does one thing really well - we make internationals thrive in Sweden! We do this by teaching Swedish, community building and intercultural understanding. Knowing the Swedish language and understanding the Swedish culture reduce the risk of misunderstandings at work and privately. A supportive social network is also crucial to wellbeing for expats. Sunshine stories about how new friends have met at our events make us extremely happy!

A common reason for companies who lose their international employees is that they, or their accompanying partner, are not happy with their lives in the new country.  We want to remedy that! All in all, we create inclusion in the Swedish society

We are happy to teach at your workplace (IRL) - or digitally, which became popular during corona. Send an email to info@inlingo.se and we will get back to you!

Do you have ideas of events we should organize?

Let us know!

We want to hear from you! After all, it is for you we are doing what we do. So if you have any sparkling ideas that you think new people in Sweden would appreciate - let us know! Maybe theatre, beer tasting or Walk n Talk? 


Welcome to Sweden - Malmö!

In this video you will get to know Sweden's third biggest city, its people and popular places like the beach, parks, bars & restaurants and much more!

Welcome to Sweden - Gothenburg (Göteborg)

Let's visit Sweden's second biggest city Gothenburg! Located on the west coast it is filled with things to see, do and discover. Landmarks, tourist attractions for you or you and your family.

A few words about founding teacher Ulf...

Founder and head teacher at inLingo is Ulf Littorin. Ulf has worked as a language teacher since 2009 and of course is a certified teacher (Malmö University). During his thirteen years as a teacher, he has taught both adults and young people, including at SFI and businesses.

The meeting with other people and passion for language has been crucial to his career choice.

He has taught Spanish and Swedish in the Swedish educational system and English in Colombia, among other places.


"During my years as an educator, I have learned to work with everything from smartboard to just a chalk in hand! I like and develop from the variety I encounter on different assignments. That keeps me motivated to constantly adapt the teaching to new conditions.

Passion, structure and determination are three words that characterize my craft as a teacher.

In my free time I like to meet loved ones, dance, exercise or read a book."