Learn Swedish & integrate

Learn Swedish & integrate

Social events

Events in Malmö-Göteborg

Meet new people

inLingo regularly organizes social events in Malmö/Lund where you will learn Swedish, meet new friends and have fun! All the events are published on the facebook page!

Swedish conversation hour

inLingo is excited to offer this totally free conversation practice online together with the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis. Join and speak Swedish with students from all over the world!

Dates (Swedish time):

Sep 24, 2021 16.00
Oct 22, 2021 16.00
Nov 26, 2021 16.00

Register here!

Learn Swedish online - free tutorials

Swedish vowel training

One of the things foreigners struggle the most with is pronunciation of the Swedish vowels. Listen, practice and repeat and you will sound like a Swede!

Introduce yourself

Obviously one of the first things you will need to learn. Guided by Swedish teacher Ulf, you will learn how to give a personal presentation. 

Impress your Swedish friends

Idioms or idiomatic expressions are characteristic expressions used by natives. When immigrants use them it is really impressive!

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